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    The hotel is located close to the metro and is right in downtown so you can easily walk or take of the historic trams around town. Hotel staffs are very friendly, rooms are comfortable and spacious.

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The history of the Luis Camoes Square and the location of the hotel

An 11-meter statue in his effigy, adorned with rich 16th century engravings, stands at the centre of the square. Located between the limits of Chiado and Bairro Alto, its general theme recalls the Portuguese caravel, the mermaid and the sea.

The history of the Luís Camoes Square

It's around 1862, under King Luís I, that the architect Vitor Bastos erected a huge bronze statue to honour Luís Vas de Camoes, author of the Lusiades poem. The statues of Portugal's seven greatest writers, critics and poets adorn Luís Camoes' pedestal. Genuine symbol of epic writings, this famous author gives his name to a beautiful open square. The buildings' beautiful architecture and the drawings engraved on the very ground bring charm to this historical and increasingly touristic location. Its black and white cobblestones along with the two large surrounding churches of Loreto and Encarnaçao blend perfectly with Luís Camoes' statue at the centre of the square. With the increasing number of visitors over the past twenty years, an underground parking was built to accommodate the tourists' vehicles. The main stop on the n°28 tram line, it is an unavoidable halt on a sightseeing tour of Lisbon.

An iconic square in Bairro Alto

As lively, warm and pleasant as the surrounding neighbourhoods, the Luís Camoes Square stands as the limit of the Bairro Alto's upper neighbourhood. Located near the Luís Camoes Square, the 9 Hotel Mercy remains the most suitable place of stay to admire its view. Its four stars are confirmed by the fact that it is a hotel with a Rooftop in Bairro Alto . During the day, the Luís Camoes Square reflects the light and as dusk falls, it illuminates the narrow alleys leading up the hill as well as the bars and the Fado houses with their beautiful echoes. The Pombalin style buildings give off a particular sobriety specific to the Portuguese neoclassical style. With the legendary bar 'A Brasileira', which has welcomed countless Portuguese literary figures like the writer Fernando Pessoa, gaze upon the beauty all around. Present around the Luís Camoes Square are Italian style churches right in the heart of Portugal, typical and gastronomical Portuguese restaurants, monuments and paintings of illustrious figures for a complete voyage into the past. It is possible to imagine the atmosphere of years gone by thanks to these iconic sites.