The history of Bairro Alto and the location of 9 Hotel Mercy in this historic Lisbon neighbourhood

Amongst one of Lisbon's poshest neighbourhoods, Bairro Alto's unique personality is found in its numerous and typically Portuguese restaurants and bars. With singers performing here and there and mouth-watering culinary specialities , Bairro Alto is an inescapable destination. In the same light, and as soon as the sun begins to set, various atmospheres and rhythms all come to life. From its earliest days, history and vintage fashion have been livening up this neighbourhood whose charming panorama can now be uniquely discovered from the Hotel Mercy.

A history of the Bairro Alto neighbourhood

Located to the north of the Largo de Camoes square, in Lisbon's western area, the Bairro Alto neighbourhood was built at the end of the 16th century. Overlooking Lisbon, this location has placed it at the top of the country's tourist attractions thanks to the panoramic view of the city offered to its inhabitants and tourists. Known for its cheerful inhabitants and charming cobblestone streets, Lisbon's Bairro Alto's night-life makes it one of Portugal's must-see destinations. Five centuries old, the neighbourhood's large monuments along with the palaces and small colonial era homes have never ceased to attract visitors, and the rehabilitation of its historical vestiges is being undertaken. If for nothing more than the famous Fado, heard today in various posh but also popular venues, whose soft melody takes you back with nostalgia to quieter times. With its historical heritage and its inhabitants' close social ties, Bairro Alto is endowed with a young and energetic population. The neighbourhood's elite increasingly focuses on fashion with the goal of breaking into the global market during the Moda Lisboa fashion show.

The Hotel Mercy is ideally situated for visiting the Bairro Alto neighbourhood

If you wish to admire and visit the Bairro Alto neighbourhood, staying at the 9 Hotel Mercy, a design hotel in Lisbon, will make it easier to access its various historical and tourist site. This four star hotel also allows you to take advantage of the building's complete immersion in this centrally located Lisbon neighbourhood. From its elegant and comfortable rooms, the discovery of Bairro Alto has only just begun. Thanks to its location, the Mercy is the ideal start-off point for exploring the heart of the neighbourhood. Day or night, you are always assured to be plunged into the local atmosphere, whether inside the walls of the Hotel Mercy or in the streets lined with bars and Fado houses of all types. Regardless of your budget, the live events along Rua da Rose, Rua Atalaia or Rua Norte come to life at sunset. A large portion of these events can be observed from the Hotel Mercy's rooftop bar.


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