The history of the Chiado Museum and the location of the hotel in Lisbon's Bairro Alto

Despite its small size, it overflows with numerous pieces from great Portuguese artists such as Almada Negreiros or Cristino Da Silva. It is a reflection of Portugal's art history thanks to the many paintings from talented national and international artists. After being destroyed by a fire in 1998, the Chiado's buildings underwent a reconstruction project. After ten years, and thanks to the architect Alvaro Siza Vieira, the Chiado Museum was fully renovated.

The history of the Chiado Museum and the location of the hotel in Lisbon's Bairro Alto

Created in 1911 following the division of the art collections of the Beaux-Arts with the Ancient Art National Museum, the Chiado Museum sees the light of day with a collection of numerous contemporary pieces post 1850. Located on the old meeting site for the Portuguese artists whom are now represented, the Museum houses all sorts of art pieces connected to romanticism or modernism. The Rua Serpa Pinto, where it is now located, was in fact a place where literature and art aficionados used to meet. Even if most of the collections are typically Portuguese, certain illustrators like the French Rodin has his 'Age of Bronze' masterpiece on display at the heart of the Chiado Museum. Temporary themed exhibitions are, however, organised occasionally. During such events, rooms and suites at the Chiado neighbourhood hotel, like the 9 Hotel Mercy, are sometimes fully booked. The Chiado Museum has an entrance fee five days a week; it is closed on Mondays but access is free on Sundays before 2pm. If hungry, a cafeteria is open to all with access to an outdoor terrace. Typical Portuguese fare and some international classics like burger and chips are on the menu.

The Hotel Mercy is ideally situated for visiting the Bairro Alto neighbourhood

Located a few steps away from the statue of the poet Antoni Ribeiro, also called 'Chiado', Chiado Square is situated between the Bairro Alto and Baixa Pombalina neighbourhoods. The Bairro Alto is known for its alleys filled with shopkeepers and its beautiful night-time atmosphere. Amongst the cultural vestiges found in the museums, the Bairro Alto design hotel easily blends into the décor. The picturesque architectural setting and the aristocratic chic of the city are specific to the Chiado. From its spacious and modern style rooms, the 9 Hotel Mercy is located near the most famous touristic and historical site of Bairro Alto. The latter, also called 'Upper Neighbourhood', forms one of the richest landscapes in old Lisbon. In terms of transportation, the tramway is easily accessible but walking is just as advantageous when exploring the very heart of the city. With or without a map, this neighbourhood's streets are unique and have their own history, often illustrated with statues.


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