São Luiz Municipal Theatre is 5 minutes from the hotel

In 1892, actor Guilherme da Silveira decided to create a company for the construction of a theatre on land owned by the Royal House of Braganza.

The D. Amelia theatre was built in 1894, based on a project by French architect Louis-Ernest Reynaud, to commemorate King Carlos and Queen D. Amélie of Orléans.

In 1911, when the regime changed, it became the Theatre of the Republic, until 1914 when it was virtually reduced to ashes by a severe fire. Its reconstruction was completed in 1916 thanks to the perseverance and enthusiasm of Viscount São Luiz, after whom the theatre was renamed.


Rua António Maria Cardoso, 38 1200-027 Lisboa. Tel. +351 213 257 640


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